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IQOS ILUMA One 15 Day Rental

Do you want to give IQOS a try?

The 15-day rental program is a commitment-free and affordable way to explore TEREA flavours and experience the smoke-free benefits of IQOS ILUMA (tobacco enjoyment without fire, ash, or smoke) for yourself.

Your initial payment of $21.49 (plus tax) covers the cost for TEREA and device rental, which is non-refundable. After 15 days of your order date, decide if you want to buy the IQOS ILUMA One device for $26.00 (plus tax) or return it with free shipping

How it works:
1. Build your rental bundle with the IQOS ILUMA One device in the colour of your choice and 1 X 54 TEREA in your preferred flavour.
2. Enjoy IQOS ILUMA & TEREA at home with the support of an IQOS Expert via SMS, email, or phone.
3. After 15 days of trial, you get to decide if you want to keep your device by making a final payment or return it with free shipping.

Perks of rental:
Access to REFER IQOS — receive $25 when you successfully refer an adult smoker friend.
Care Plus coverage — includes device replacement for accidental damages.
Exclusive PERKS — giveaways, surprise bonuses, special offers and more. Limit one purchase per new customer.

Ontario prices are shown here and offer may vary per province, log into your IQOS.com account for further details. By proceeding with this transaction you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the “Try IQOS Rental Program”

Choose your own bundle.

IQOS ILUMA One Mobility Kit

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Pebble Beige

TEREA- 54 Smartcore Sticks

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TEREA Birch for ILUMA- 54s

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This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.