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1. Why do you want to ditch cigarettes for a better tobacco alternative?

I don’t want to get cigarette stains anymore.

I'm interested in the latest technology and tobacco innovation.

I want to stop exposing others to second-hand smoke.

I'm looking for a more stylish and personalized product.

2. How do you hide the lingering smoke smells, stains and other annoyances that come with smoking cigarettes?

Nothing. I'm going to assume no one notices or gotten used to the ashtray-like smell on my hair and clothes.

Nothing. I'm not very interested in new technology and better alternatives.

I'll avoid others by finding better hiding spots to take smoke breaks.

I plan to convince others that sticking with old-fashioned, out dated habits is cool.

I carry around an excessive amount of gum and perfume to hide the lingering cigarette smoke smell.

I'll be setting a reminder in my phone to brush my teeth to hide the cigarette smoke smell on my breath.

I'm going to use perfumes or colognes to mask the smoke smell.

I'll be changing out my favourite clothes before having a cigarette to avoid stains and burns.

I hide the cigarette stains and odour on my hands by wearing disposable gloves on my smoke breaks or keeping my hands in my pockets.

I won't make any changes or improvements and assume no one notices my ashtray-like smell.

I just won't admit to others around me that I smoke cigarettes.

I don't want to change for the better, I'll just get good at removing stains and smoke smell from my clothes.

I'm interested in finding a way to enjoy tobacco without the annoying smoke, messy ash, and cigarette smoke smell.

I'm defintiely interested in switching to the latest innovation in tobacco.

I want to find the right cigarette alternative with no second-hand smoke or lingering smell.

I am looking for the best cigarette alternative that's also sleek and stylish.

3. Which of the following rituals do you think would still be relevant after you make the switch to IQOS?

I'd still always need to carry a lighter with me.

I'd still need to light up my smoking device.

I would have to go to a convenience store to purchase it.

I'd need to step out of my house or car for my tobacco breaks.

None of the above.

A better, cleaner choice

When you eliminate smoke and ash by heating tobacco rather than
burning it, the benefits of IQOS become clear.

  • Icon for no lingering smoke smell No lingering smoke smell
  • Icon for smoke free tobacco Smoke-free tobacco
  • Icon for less stain on teeth and fingers Minimizes staining
    of *teeth & fingers
  • Icon for real tobacco taste Real Tobacco taste
  • Icon for HEETs affordability More affordable than cigarretes
  • Icon for no messy ash No messy ash
Find out how IQOS works

*If teeth are already stained, switching to IQOS will not reverse the color of those stains. (Source: non-clinical laboratory study conducted in Switzerland with human teeth and the most widely used dental composites. Contrary to real world conditions, teeth were not exposed to other staining substances such as coffee, tea or wine, which may influence the results.)

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.