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How Heated Tobacco Devices Work
How Heated Tobacco Devices Work

How Heated Tobacco Devices Work

Heated tobacco devices never burn tobacco. The result? A tobacco experience with none of the fire, ash or smoke that cigarettes produce.

All heated tobacco devices contain a heating source. Some, but not all heated tobacco products are electronic and the exact temperature the tobacco is heated to varies from product to product. What’s important for adult users is that heated tobacco products never burn tobacco.

What is the difference in heat-not-burn devices?

Heated tobacco devices are also called heat-not-burn devices because of the fact that they heat tobacco instead of burning it. The two terms - heated tobacco and heat-not-burn - are interchangeable.

At the heart of our IQOS heated tobacco devices are electronics that heat specially designed tobacco sticks called HEETS. Since IQOS heat-not-burn devices are battery-powered, they need to be charged regularly, just like you would charge a smartphone. Once the IQOS heated tobacco device is charged, a HEETS tobacco stick is inserted into the device. By pushing a button to begin the heating process, an IQOS legal age user can then inhale the vapour that is released. Once the experience is over, the used tobacco stick can be removed from the device and disposed of in a bin.

The best of IQOS technology

From thought to reality, each element of IQOS is carefully crafted.

IQOS HeatControl™ Technology is the heart of the product. Designed in Switzerland, it is responsible for heating tobacco, without burning it, to precise temperatures of up to 350⁰C.

The ceramic blade inside IQOS, which has gold and platinum tracks, heats the tobacco inside the HEETS. So IQOS adult users get the experience of real tobacco with no smoke, no ash and with less smell than cigarettes.

The tobacco taste

Providing IQOS legal age users with a high-quality tobacco experience is our key focus and the way we prepare tobacco is what makes the difference. The tobacco inside every HEETS is specially prepared using a unique patented processing method called ‘cast leave process,’ necessary to optimize the tobacco for heating. In this process, tobacco leaves of the highest quality are ground into powder and then reconstituted into tobacco sheets. These sheets are crimped and made into a tobacco plug. When combined with all the other parts, it creates a HEETS stick

IQOS and HEETS were designed to provide IQOS legal age users with a tobacco experience and duration similar to cigarettes. Each HEETS stick can last up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs on average. Unlike cigarettes, longer and gentler puffs would extend the duration and satisfaction of your HEETS experience.

HEETS tobacco sticks for IQOS heat-not-burn devices come in many different tobacco flavours ranging from rich to refined. We’re sure that among our HEETS selection each IQOS adult user will discover the HEETS flavour that matches their taste and more effectively helps them move away from smoking traditional cigarettes.

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