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New HEETS Sequoia: Our Most Intense Heated Tobacco Flavour Yet
New HEETS Sequoia: Our Most Intense Heated Tobacco Flavour Yet

New HEETS Sequoia: Our Most Intense Heated Tobacco Flavour Yet

I. How does Heated Tobacco work and what are the different flavours?

IQOS is the better alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes – and it’s our unique HeatControl™ heated tobacco technology system that sets us apart. It heats tobacco to an optimal temperature without burning it, allowing you to enjoy the taste of pure tobacco without any fire, ash or lingering smoke odours.

The heat-not-burn technology of our IQOS holders works exclusively with our specially designed HEETS tobacco sticks. To use, you simply insert the HEETS stick of your choice into your device. The tobacco is then precisely heated to 350ºC for a rich and satisfying tobacco experience. HEETS are offered in a variety of distinctive tobacco flavours, including Oak, Birch, Elm, Teak*, Cypress* and our newest and most intense flavour yet, HEETS Sequoia.

*Only available in British Columbia

II. What is HEETS Sequoia, and how is it different from our other flavours?

HEETS Sequoia – Intense and Robust

Full-bodied and aromatic, HEETS SEQUOIA offers a satisfying tobacco taste that is perfectly balanced between rich toasted tobacco and malty aroma notes.

With unmatched intensity, body and aroma, the new HEETS Sequoia stands out from among other heated tobacco flavours.

Body refers to the "mouth presence” or sensation of fullness the tobacco creates. HEETS Sequoia features the highest body among all HEETS tobacco blends and provides a satisfying mouthfeel.

Aroma is the fragrance and flavour profile through which the unique character of each tobacco shines through. Aromas can be fruity, nutty, woody and everything in between. HEETS Sequoia's robust blend features our most intense aroma.

Intensity is the overall taste experience of a blend, in which body and aroma have combined to deliver a fully rounded tobacco experience. Our most intense heated tobacco product to date, HEETS Sequoia is ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in pure tobacco taste.

New HEETS Sequoia, our most intense flavour, joins our existing range of heated tobacco products. With notes that range from mellow to full-bodied, you can find the perfect blend for all of your tobacco moments.

OAK – Balanced and roasted
Smooth and subtly flavourful, HEETS OAK delivers a beautifully balanced tobacco taste experience defined by pleasingly woody and light nutty tobacco notes.

BIRCH – Refined and roasted
Harmonious and refined, HEETS BIRCH delivers a delicate tobacco taste. HEETS BIRCH is infused with aroma notes to provide the true tobacco experience.

ELM – Balanced and woody
Smooth and flavourful, HEETS ELM delivers a balanced, well-rounded, toasted tobacco blend matched with woody nuances and subtle light aroma notes.

TEAK* – Rich and warm
Deep and rich, HEETS TEAK delivers a full and satisfying tobacco taste experience. HEETS TEAK is infused with cocoa and dry fruit aroma notes.

CYPRESS* – Mild and zesty

Smooth, refined with a subtle citrusy taste, HEETS CYPRESS delivers a sophisticated, beautifully balanced tobacco taste enhanced with light herbal notes.
*Only available in British Columbia

III. Where to Buy/Find IQOS & HEETS

Want to learn more about our flavours and where you can buy new HEETS Sequoia? IQOS heated tobacco products and devices are available for purchase in-store at one of our IQOS authorized retailers and online.