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Q-Lab: Your Destination for IQOS, HEETS and the best customer experience.
Q-Lab-boutique interior shot

Q-Lab: Your Destination for IQOS, HEETS and the best customer experience.

Our Q-Lab Boutique and Q-Lab Corners offer you the ultimate IQOS experience. Discover products, get expert advice a for your IQOS.

If you’re wondering if there’s a place where you can see, touch and learn about IQOS devices and HEETS in person, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Our Q-Lab Boutique and Corners are the places to be when you want to immerse yourself in the innovative world of IQOS to learn about the product. Find out where you can find a location near you and where else IQOS products are sold.

What is the difference between Q-Lab Boutique and a Q-Lab Corners?

The IQOS Q-Lab Boutique is a retail outlet dedicated to IQOS that houses the full range of products and services. You can really get a feel for the many benefits of our IQOS devices by seeing them in real life and chatting one-on-one with one of our friendly Experts. Still not sure? Ask them about our 30-day Try IQOS Rental Program. They’ll help you make the right choice and address all your questions or concerns on the spot. Of course, it’s also the place where you can purchase the only Heat-Not-Burn products available in Canada! You’ll have access to a variety of options and actually be able to hold the product in your hands and decide if it’s right for you. You can also make returns, buy HEETS.

Our Q-Lab Corners are a smaller, more intimate version of Q-Lab Boutique and are found within other retail partners. It’s the ideal place to swing by and replenish your favourite pack of HEETS or try one of our products. Visit us any time.

Where can I find an IQOS Q-Lab Corner near me?

You can find Q-Lab Corners in Toronto, Vancouver and in Montreal. This makes IQOS more accessible to people across the country and is more convenient for those who have and want to try our devices. It’s just one more way to support them in their smoke-free journey. We have more Q-Lab Corners planned for the future, so don’t forget to keep an eye out and check IQOS store locator for a corner in your area.

What specific products or services can I find at IQOS Q-Labs?

Our Q-Lab locations offer the best variety of IQOS devices and HEETS. And you’ll also be able to find specific accessories to customize or protect your device, like coloured caps, doors, sleeves or folios. Our IQOS Experts are known for their excellent customer service. Come visit us anytime and you’ll get a wealth of advice and product recommendations. You can read up on the differences between IQOS and alternative smoking devices, observe them for yourself, or even hear what an Expert has to say. It’s a great opportunity to find the IQOS product that has everything you are looking for and fits your tobacco lifestyle.

Our Q-Labs also offer specific IQOS services that you cannot find anywhere else. You can get a professional device cleaning, register your device, and even get your IQOS replaced if needed in the future. Whether you’re thinking of switching or have been on your smoke-free journey with IQOS for some time, our Q-Labs are a must-visit.

Where else can I buy IQOS and HEETS?

The questions “Where can I buy IQOS?” and “Where to buy HEETS?” are questions some users new to the IQOS world might have. Thankfully, there are many places other than the Q-Lab Boutique and Corners that carry IQOS products across Canada. For example, there are some locations that offer only certain IQOS models, and some that only carry HEETS. You can find them all on the IQOS store locator and select one that is nearest you. If you like shopping online, there’s also the option of IQOS.com. There you can purchase each and every one of our items at the click of a button, get details about all of our Heat-Not-Burn products and browse through a ton of ways to personalize your very own device.

Need some help?

If you have specific questions on Q-Lab Boutique, Q-Lab Corners or on how to look after an IQOS device, feel free to visit our FAQ page. All of your questions will be answered from how the device works, to what can be found in HEETS!