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Heatsticks? The word you’re searching for is HEETS
Heatsticks? The word you’re searching for is HEETS

Heatsticks? The word you’re searching for is HEETS

What are HEETS?

Sometimes known as “heatsticks”, HEETS are tobacco sticks designed to be used exclusively with IQOS, an electronic device that is as an alternative to cigarettes. The advanced technology of IQOS heats tobacco to an optimum temperature without burning it. As it heats up, a vapour containing nicotine and natural tobacco flavour is released, with none of the smoke or lingering smoke odour you’d expect from a cigarette

What are HEETS made of?

Unlike e-cigarettes or liquid vapes, HEETS don’t contain vape juice or e-juice. They are made with real tobacco leaf, providing an authentic tobacco experience without cigarette smoke.

How long do HEETS last?

IQOS was designed to provide a smoke-free experience with a comparable level of tobacco satisfaction to what smokers might normally get from a cigarette. One HEETS can last up to about six minutes, or 14 puffs— similar to that of a cigarette. Like a cigarette, the longer or stronger you puff, the shorter or longer the HEETS stick will last.

How do HEETS differ from conventional tobacco products?

There are a number of key differences between HEETS and conventional cigarettes. Most notably:
  • When using an IQOS device and a HEETS, tobacco is heated, not burned. This means no ash is produced.
  • Nicotine and tobacco flavour is released in a vapour created by the heating process, rather than in smoke through burning.
  • HEETS can only be used with an IQOS device. No device is required to smoke cigarettes.
  • HEETS leave less of a lingering smell on clothes, hair, your breath and surroundings, compared to cigarettes.

Ready to start your smoke free journey? Learn more about HEETS and IQOS now.