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Is IQOS a Cigarette?
IQOS 3 DUO in Brilliant Gold and HEETS

Is IQOS a Cigarette?

Learn more about IQOS and its Heat-Not-Burn technology. Plus, find out how it differs from traditional cigarettes and vapes.

IQOS. You’ve probably heard about it around the office or saw a friend using it while catching up at a bar. But what is it really? We explain how IQOS is made, the advantages it has over traditional cigarettes and what makes it different from today’s cigarette alternatives. Plus, we go into detail on why IQOS is more advantageous as a product to help you make an informed decision that feels right. Finally, we give you the scoop on where to find IQOS so you can begin your smoke-free journey! Don’t worry, we’re here to bring you up to speed with everything you want to know. All of your questions are answered right here.

So, what is IQOS?

IQOS is not a cigarette but an innovative device that serves as an alternative to traditional smoking, backed by years of scientific research and technological experts. In fact, its state of the art technology and pioneering science is what makes IQOS what it is today. IQOS is a better alternative to smoking thanks to its HeatControl™ Technology which heats tobacco up to 350°C, without burning it.

Traditional cigarettes burn tobacco at 800°C. The result is smoke, ash and cigarette smell. Since IQOS heats and does not burn tobacco, there is no smoke or ash! What IQOS heats up is HEETS, our own specially-designed tobacco sticks. HEETS are much shorter than cigarettes and are placed in the IQOS device to release the true taste of real tobacco. With IQOS, nothing goes to waste. It’s all about pure pleasure!

What are some of the advantages IQOS has over cigarettes?

IQOS’ modern technology provides a satisfying tobacco taste experience different from traditional cigarettes. This new technology brings three main advantages that make IQOS a joy to use and bring around.

First, there’s no fire to deal with, which means there is no ash for you to clean up. You won’t need to worry about having an ashtray nearby, getting ash all over your furniture, or dropping ash on the floor. You can rejoice at this fact because this means that IQOS cannot burn you or the people around you. Even your animals will be safe! All you need to do is focus on your tobacco moment.

Another advantage of IQOS is that there is no smoke. Instead, a quickly dissipating aerosol comes out of the device, leaving barely a trace. Say goodbye to smoke clouds in your bedroom or always looking for the nearest window to let in some fresh air. IQOS makes sure that smoke does not disturb the environment you’re in. So you’re free to enjoy it when you want and where you want (all while respecting local laws, of course!).

A third advantage IQOS has over cigarettes is that there is negligible smell. That means no more cigarette smell on your clothing, your car, your hair, or that favourite fabric couch you own. You won’t need to worry about lugging around a pleasant perfume or cologne to mask the smell of your last cigarette. Those days are gone. There are only stress-free smoking days ahead!

If you want more information on how IQOS provides a more pleasant smoking experience, or have specific questions about our device, the FAQ page is a great resource to find the answers you need.

How is IQOS different compared to other cigarette alternatives?

What makes IQOS unique is the fact that it contains real tobacco. Vapes and e-cigarettes contain e-liquid or e-juice that are heated to produce an aerosol. Though both products generate an aerosol, only IQOS provides real tobacco taste and flavour, as HEETS contain only the finest tobacco leaves.

What are the advantages IQOS has over recent cigarette alternatives?

As you now know, IQOS was built with some of the best technology to date. This creates a huge advantage when it comes to taste. IQOS heats tobacco without any additional chemicals, making every puff a superior experience.
On top of taste satisfaction, the IQOS design is also worth mentioning. It has an ergonomic and compact design that you can bring anywhere. Plus, it has an IQOS Protect Plus™ System that adds reliable protection to your device with a robust outer shell and longer battery life.

Where can I try or buy an IQOS?

Shopping at our online IQOS Shop is the most convenient option. You can get everything delivered to your doorstep! On the IQOS website, there is a handy store locator that can help direct you to the nearest boutique or retail outlet. IQOS has boutiques in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario and can be found in certified retail outlets across Canada. If you’re looking to try a product, you can always visit one of our shops in person where our specialists will be glad to help you every step of the way. Or, you could fill out the trial form on our website and our expert will reach out to set up an appointment with you as per your convenience.