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Plain Packaging – Cigarette Regulations in Canada
HEETS in plain packaging

Plain Packaging – Cigarette Regulations in Canada

What is plain packaging and how does it impact IQOS HEETS? Learn more about the plain packaging cigarette regulations employed in Canada.

For the past couple of years, plain packaging has become more and more common. News outlets have covered it, people have been studying it, and more and more countries have been adopting it. With Canada’s recently implemented plain packaging regulations, we’re here to discuss what plain packaging is and what it means for your favourite IQOS HEETS.

What is plain packaging?

Plain packaging is a standardized appearance that the Canadian government requires all tobacco products to have, such as cigarettes and HEETS. This standardized packaging regulation consists of companies being required to use consistent design, including font style, colours and images found on the boxes (including brand logos). Instead, a large health warning takes its place front and center. Enforcing plain packaging gives tobacco packs a minimalist design, consistent across all tobacco companies.

How are plain packaging cigarettes impacting IQOS HEETS?

As a leading international tobacco company, RBH is impacted by this new set of Canadian legislation. Product categories such as manufactured cigarettes and smoke-free alternatives like IQOS HEETS are bound to follow these guidelines set by the Canadian government. Globally, HEETS tobacco flavours are recognized by their respective colours. Now that plain packaging has come into effect, and colours are not allowed, we have named them differently so you can still understand their taste profile.

HEETS Teak is the rich and warm flavour formerly known as HEETS Bronze. It delivers a satisfying tobacco experience infused with cocoa and dry fruit aromas.

HEETS Elm, previously referred to as HEETS Red, is balanced and woody. This smooth, flavourful and balanced tobacco blend has woody nuances and subtle light aroma notes.

HEETS Oak, was globally known as HEETS Amber. It delivers a sensational tobacco taste defined by woody and light nutty notes.

HEETS Cypress was formerly known as HEETS Yellow. This mild and zesty flavour delivers a sophisticated, beautifully balanced tobacco taste with light herbal notes.

HEETS Birch is our refined and toasted blend, and was previously recognized as HEETS Silver. It has a delicate tobacco taste infused with aroma notes.

If you shop online right now, you’ll notice that our HEETS packaging already looks different – but still the same as ever on the inside. Don’t forget to order your HEETS by name and not colour from now on!

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