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What are IQOS HEETS?
IQOS 3 DUO in Steller Blue and HEETS

What are IQOS HEETS?

What are HEETS? Find out what IQOS HEETS are made of and how to use them with your IQOS device.

An introduction to IQOS HEETS

You’ve heard of smoking tobacco, but have you ever heard of heating tobacco? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this type of tobacco that creates a totally new smoke-free experience. From the tastes and flavours to how to use it and where you can get it, this is the place to find out. Now let’s open your mind to a whole new world of taste and flavour!

What are IQOS HEETS?

Where do we begin! HEETS are a range of tobacco blends made with the finest tobacco leaves and compacted into small sticks. It truly is incredible how this satisfying, superior and sensory experience is packed into such small proportions! HEETS make it easier for you to enjoy perfect tobacco moments.

How do I use HEETS?

HEETS are designed to specifically work with IQOS devices. Using HEETS with an IQOS is simple. Once you remove the IQOS holder from its charger, you must insert the HEETS stick with the tobacco side down. Then, all you need to do is hold the heating button down for three seconds until the light begins to flash. Once the light remains fixed and the device vibrates, your HEETS is ready to be enjoyed! With one stick, you can consume up to 14 puffs or up to six minutes—whichever comes first. When you are at your last 30 seconds or final two puffs, your device will warn you with a light, a vibration and by automatically shutting off. You see, with IQOS, you’re all set to enjoy your tobacco moment! For more information or an answer to your queries, please visit our FAQ page.

What flavours of HEETS are available?

HEETS come in six different flavours ranging from robust to mellow, and each with a specific aroma, body and taste. This means that you can enjoy each and every one depending on your mood! Sequoia is our latest full-bodied flavour, with a blend of toasted tobacco, perfectly balanced with satisfying malty aroma notes. There is a rich and warm Teak flavour, if you are looking for something infused with cocoa and dry fruit. Elm has a balanced and well-rounded flavour of toasted tobacco and woody nuances. Then there is the smooth and subtle flavour of Oak that has a nutty taste to it. If you’re looking for something with a little more zest, the Cypress flavour has a citrus taste. Finally, there’s the Birch that has a delicate flavour of tobacco and aromatic notes.

Each and every one of these flavours are compatible with all IQOS devices. You can purchase them in bundles, which is even better if you have a favourite! Not all flavours are available in each province, so be sure to inform yourself of where you can find them.

Where can I buy HEETS in Canada?

Purchasing HEETS online is the most convenient option. Here you would also find details on all the flavours and choose what is right for you! You can also easily find HEETS in IQOS boutiques or in select certified retail outlets across Canada. On our website, there is a helpful store locator that can direct you to the nearest boutique or retail outlet.