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Welcome to

IQOS Care Plus

Extended support services for IQOS users.

Troubleshooting And Self-Diagnosis

We are here to help. Get the support you need to solve issues with your IQOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orders and Commercial Information

Are Q-Lab Boutiques open?
We are happy to let you know that as of June 1st our Q-Lab Boutiques have resumed their operations. Please check here for locations and hours.
Are Q-Lab Corners open?
Q-lab Corners have reopened as well. To visit or make an appointment, please check location hours online or call your nearest Q-Lab Corner directly.
Which services are available?
We keep providing all our standard services:
  • Sales of HEETS, IQOS devices and accessories
  • Product demonstration, device cleaning and all device support (done with additional safety measures)
You can also use our new advanced ordering option - call our Q-Lab stores prior to arriving in person and we will package your order ahead of time for quick, contact-free pickup. Please check online for contact info.
What measures are you taking to ensure the safety of your customers and staff?
In addition to our existent cleaning practices, we have implemented professional sanitization of the entire store and devices post trial and post rental.

Our staff are also using protective equipment such as gloves and masks, which are offered to every customer as well upon entry.
Are there any safety rules I should be aware of when visiting the stores?
Your safety is important to us, so we’ve taken additional measures to make sure everyone stays protected. During your visit, we kindly ask you to follow the social distancing rule and maintain a distance of 2 metres from others within the store.

Inside the stores we will offer you protective equipment (masks, gloves) should you choose to wear it.
Where can I buy HEETS?
We understand you may be having trouble finding HEETS and we would like to help. Check the store locator on iqos.com to find where you can buy HEETS near you. Additionally, check website of the location to confirm its working hours.
How do I contact the call center? 
We are here for you – please contact us through the following channels during our support hours:
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 10 pm
Saturday: 12pm- 8pm
Call 1-800-304-4033
Twitter Support
What do I do if my device is broken?
We care about offering you the best possible IQOS experience while our stores are closed. In case you have issues with your IQOS device, contact our Call Center, where an agent will assess the situation and either help you fix it or offer device replacement options including home delivery or immediate pick up location.​​
What is the best way to clean my IQOS?
Wipe the outside of the Charger, the Holder and the associated accessories with a wipe containing 62–71% isopropanol. Dispose of the used wipes in a bin. Next, thoroughly clean the blade, the inside area of the holder surrounding the blade and the whole extractor with the dedicated IQOS cleaning sticks. Dispose of the used sticks in the bin with the wipes.
How does the free shipping work?
How does our fast shipping work?

With our different delivery options, we will deliver your IQOS products to you with as fast as same day delivery (same day delivery not available in all provinces).